Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fence Post Depth South

The person who decided to interview was my grandmother. His name is Elena (or Helen depends on your mood) Ortiz (or Pender also depends on your mood). She is seventy-six years, lives in Eureka, California and has three children. His daughters Barbara and Dolores, and his son Thomas are the most precious things in his life apart from their grandchildren. She has five grandchildren, I my brothers Jason and Chris, my cousins, Marty and Vaelena but she also wants them to my cousin's children Vaelena. She has three children Isaac, Monique and Matthew, who calls my grandmother "Grandma Honey."
Although my grandmother was born in the United States, his parents and seven of his siblings were born in Mexicoor family go to church. When he died, she and her brothers started going every Sunday. Now, when I'm in my hometown, go to church (which taper is on the other side of the street) together.
An extra part of the interview does not belong with the rest of the information is this: When I asked how she identifies him also said this: & ldquo ; When your grandfather and I were married, it was not normal for people, but we do not care. I do not care that the breed of person I am so that the type of person I am. All that I am, you are. All you are, I am. Is proud of their race mija, but not allowed to define you."All my life my grandmother told me this, and I think it most important information of the difference between" Latino "and" Hispanic. "


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