Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Food For Anemic People

The day of the visit Sabino Mendez, both my colleagues and I had the fortune of being with someone very intimate. Charismatic, intelligent, musician, broadcaster, philosopher, thoughtful, loving, leading, nice ... even philologist! And, if I may: It has everything! Thus, Sabino Méndez lying when he says in his song that "we are lucky to have come to know him." I have to admit that until now did not know anything about him. Whether it's because I come from another generation later, also I have always opted for other styles of music, either because they have fallen into my hands one of his books so far. However, now I feel like I've known him forever, such is his magnetism. Thus, I hand promised myself to keep learning the fact Sabino, read his work and listen to your music. Well, so much so that last night I was poking around the web - page of "Youtube" - and found wonderful things about our versatile friend. Say, for example, with a video that appears an interview with Mendez Loquillo. However, it was already morning and could barely contain the dream, so unwittingly fell asleep while seeing him speak in the interview. I left the computer running, the video playing and talking Sabino heard from afar, like a whisper, "that I forgive the joke. Such was my dream state that he believed he whispered to me and, fortunately, I fell asleep. In the morning, my mother told me that I had left the computer on así I answered with a giggle: "Wow, I slept with Sabino Méndez tonight. Of course, I set out immediately to go and enjoy the full video of that interview that I missed because of the lethargy of sleep. Later, I returned to make the joke: I slept with Sabino! And now all I need to sleep with Loquillo. By the way, I wonder. Would it be possible to Loquillo to class?

PD: Sabino, excuse the joke and thanks for delighting us with your thoughts. Thanks also to Anna for making this happen.

PD2: By the way, I know that this post now comes up, but is that was written since we received your check. Should make it, because. . . I really wanted.

"Sandra L."


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