Saturday, May 30, 2009

Plans To Make A Clear Computer Case

mpieza in February, by chance. One day, I see some posters hanging on bulletin boards in my school in which he was said to open the application deadline for the Erasmus scholarship. No doubt, filling the roles .. A few months later, I received a letter informing me that I have been awarded a scholarship to go to Barcelona ... I leave you to imagine my reaction to such news .. The least was exult alegría.Ya I am an Erasmus.
During: It is time to leave, but as I'm still busy with exams, I go to the end of September .. is the day September 24, 2009 .. is only a few hours.
I lie down but to no avail. Nervousness betrays me, I can not rest .. Start
"fear" ... I still do not know if I have residence.Emas, this city is a charm .. no words to describe it.
I'm living is an academic and personal adventure, a chance to combine study and travel, practice languages and meet people from other countries.
The respect between different cultures and the acquisition of an international perspective is the most positive thing from all this dream that I was "gifted."
After: And the end? At last the end has come (as always) .. So explain everything I've experienced this year is very difficult today, while going to finish what has been the single most important experience of my life .. More than anything, melancholy and sadness take over me. However, if I go back to "resume the storyfrom the end, what I see is still a dream, the same thing started a year ago in Italy and ending in another country, Spain.
I say "over" why he is running around, is reaching a sad time to leave this city and return to normal but will live forever, in a sense, why keep it in my heart the memory forever. ... It's been nine months have passed without noticing ... and no words can tell and convey my feelings. I have nothing to thank for such a great life experience and who, by their presence, have helped me is all the more magical.
Elodie and Jesus for being the best companions of the same shared adventure, Vanessa for always being there and taking care of me com


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