Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pokemon Shiny Gold Beta Actual Last day

s in the year 2004) to the satisfaction of thinking that has been useful to you in your language training. And that ultimately is what matters.
Thank you all for the debate, dreams, songs, fireworks, confessions, confidence, humor and solidarity. Here we said goodbye, as we said goodbye a few days ago unexpectedly Carlos Castilla del Pino. So far we have come, but as some of you have written in your entries and I share, you can always count on me. Suffice to remember that I have gone through prose memoirs. That is why a bond that unites us, a slogan of respect for the memory, because that is the autobiography, to preserve the life of oblivion. I will not forget. Muc
have luck, to which end this year and continuing. And thanks again. Anna Caballé

May 30, 2009


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