Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where Can I Watch Big Bang Theory Stream

Hi everyone!

Today I write and publish my fifth. The latter belongs to the class activity. I guess, although the activity ends today, some day I will raise entry, because it was a nice experience to share with you all, and why not continue to share? Be a way to stay in touch and know how it goes ... Share opinions, arguments, etc.

Like all my other entries, this one does not know what I speak, so we improvise, as always.

Since it is the latter, I want to be different from my previous posts, but I do not know how to get it ... Perhaps that just as the others. It's not something that worries me.
What really worries me now is estna ... I also like going to Azuaga, in Extremadura. I have little family trust, which is just a bonus here, but usually go every year in August, which is the fair there. The reason why I like to go, is it a looong time ago that I will not, and is well-known people. And another thing that I proposed for this summer is to go camping with some friends to the pine forest or nearby, to spend about five days, and the truth that I'm excited because I could never go with friends on vacation as I have been a "child" until recently. In fact, so many things I still am ...

and ending and I will write some personal information about me to give me more to know:

Full name: Eduardo Hernandez Ariza.
Fecha of Birth: 01/29/1990 (19 years).
I'm from: Sant Boi de Llobregat.

How do you feel now? Overwhelmed.
Do you have any pending or pearcing? Sometimes I have a pierced eyebrow.
Something that fear him: wasps and bees. Which colony
use? Blue (Adolfo Dominguez) / XS Black / Team / and other I do not remember what it is.
Do you like reading? Yes
Do you enjoy writing? Yes!
A career you want practice in the future. Probable: school teacher. Improbable: actor.
TV Series: Is anyone there / Foq / Los Hombres de Paco / The Internship / Red Eagle / Aida.
Programs: Pasapalabra / Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (I) / Identity / OT / Password (currentlyI see a bit unique is OT).
Football Team: Barça. (TRIPLETEEEEEEEEEEE!!)
Music: Mago de Oz, Tow, and much more varied, a little of everything. (And when I like something I spend the peel in a concert, I buy the discs if necessary, and also under me and listen to songs on your mobile).
Last movie you saw: Brain drain. (This I have seen in the movies, but I can not go to the movies, the low and I see in my house).

And I'll leave it here, because it becomes very heavy.

I say goodbye now. It's been a pleasure to meet with you in this subject and share this blog. These first four months I've lived in the race have been very good and I'm glad to be here. Thank you very much to our


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