Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Women In Girdles And Stockings

My life has been another change of 180 degrees. I found the light that did not know where I was yesterday, I have found again and wants to illuminate the road.
called me yesterday and told me he wanted to talk to me and missed me.
I said that this week was to late and we would not be on the bus. In addition, he said he had bought me a gift (DIOS! !!!!!!!)¿ it be?. He said it was a box with something, I just hope that is not chocolate because I do not like chocolate (lol).
Well, it seems that again I feel that burning sensation throughout my body and see how long, and keep you informed (lol).
A kiss to all and I wish you much luck in life as I have at this time.
A big hug,
SLAYER (Jenny)


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