Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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My physical world has changed completely. Road in the street and see people that I listed. I closed my eyes and I hear a strange sound. I open my mouth and the authentic food of this country gives me a new sensation. It's like I will be in a different universe ... the reason why I love to travel.

I've been in Istanbul for 5 days and every aspect of daily life here is different than what I had anticipated. He traveled extensively throughout Europe and have seen Islamic countries like Morocco and Egypt but, for me, Turkey is one place. Many women wear around their heads bufadas that allows society to see only his eyes. However, many women wear modern clothes without bufada symbolic. Some men sit on the street with maextended while others pass us wearing Gucci suits. Five times a day most people stop their activities to pray, but for the rest of the day, the rush of a city like London or Paris there. In my opinion, this country exemplifies the juxtaposition. In my opinion, this city is a mixture of cultures and ways of thinking.

I have great luck to have the opportunity to travel ... it's the passion that dominates my personality, my mind and my dreams. The experience of meeting people who see the world from a different perspective is amazing ... It's the best way to learn and mature.

I love to wear in an unfamiliar situation. This sense is the reason I'm here in Barcelona ... although the differences between Barlona and my city in the United States are not huge differences as Istanbul, living here has taught me a lot too. I will explain in my next blog ...

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