Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Said To Stop Watching Fox News SPANISH ACCENTS!! And a funny phrase

Well .... when i returned to the U.S. (like 3 months ago) I Took a English 281 class (that evil guy this stupid Took me out of and not has replied to my Question regarding The Fact That He Took liberties of Canceling my English class {much Needed i get 5 units to Have That One class with!}) and got my English class, the teacher Gave us 2 essays. So far I've finished them both, pero Since WAS Bought my laptop here in the U.S., it does not have English accents. So today while writing my outline for the essay, i was tweaking with the language bar and Have successfully (After Many trials) gotten the damn thing to work! WAHOO! Now I serve my messages with accents in English, instead of having to search through a translator on the web and copear and paste. Qangry hat! Anywho, i had to copy and paste all the accents, job taken pains It Was But Now I'm happy. Last essay Were Lacking the accents, this essay i think i over-did it: '(oh well. At least i know how to spell (If Not put the accents in the right place) Anyways

(gosh i need to put a picture here .... it looks so empty Without one ~
THERE WE GO ~ Ok so I've Had Since like 5 months Without reading a good ol 'book, at least one dog Physically you feel and smell (GOSH I LOVE THE SMELL OF BOOKS) I Began with this one. I loved this book Since I Bought it (i think i also made a review about it too and Compare this with Meagan McKinney author somewhere) At Any rate, i was reading this book well past 3 in the morning yesterday, and i do not remember i


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