Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's A Good Side With Fish Sticks NO INTERNET! \\ (* N *) /

Oh noes thje world is going to eeeeeeeend! I has no internet :'( booo hooo. yeah unfortunately i won't be checking LJ that often since my internet is down for a while (or at least until my dad pays for it again) So in the meantime : library, cafés, ANYWHERE were they might have Wi-Fi will have to do until then :'(  This is just sad, i REALLY wanted to add more stuff here (since it seems strangely empty :'( sniff) reminds me of the time in Mexico, when i only had my precious laptop and no internet. But then we got free internet by simply paying for the telephone service only, and that was soooooooo awesome. It's like people there don't actually think they might have computers or laptops or something. Either that or they want to sell their internet access at an affordableprice. Anywho, sincere no internet, I've Been playing Pokemon Sapphire Some stuff. Man That game is old or what? Last time i played it WAS like 6 years ago! And at the moment I'm Trying to level up so i can Some Have More Variety (a cousin of mine is helping too adjuntos Pokémon he's a total geek!) Though I have tells me to get the leaf-green one since it's you more from the Pokémon Older versions as well as (my favorite) gold and silver ones. \u0026lt;3 and that's Exactly what I'll do ..... : ') Thank you ROMS! You Make My Life Easier and Cheaper \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3 \u0026lt;3


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