Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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ct of his. Bringing out of historical dilution Rimudo Souren That Might still be alive. I'm pretty sure
or onemanga mangafox Already Have This translated, pero i want to buy the rest of the books and read by myself in STI Them original language. Though I Might Have to save more moneys adjuntos Most Likely That series is pretty long by now. My guess is That it's at least 14 volumes long or less ... Being less 10 or 12. :) Eventually I'll check in Those two websites i Mentioned maybe events of Watase's OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Have i ever

Watase's books Mentioned That Were the very first manga I've ever read? Mentioned Well now i have it. Her first series That I read WAS Ayashi no Ceres. When i first saw it at my library, i thought "oh wow! This looks like Sailor Moon


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