Thursday, April 1, 2010

Drivers For Gateway Gt5078e

Well today, as usual, I Do not Have Internet ..... : '(Sigh i miss HAVING it in my own home Rather Than HAVING to go to the local library. Anyway, i was Looking for some books here (might as well, right?) When i Realised That WAS my library card blocked. Apparently I Owe More Than $ 10.50 or something, and Since i did not have any money with me at the time i ended up Not checking anything out. So I Thought, "what the heck, i could just get These books online." And what an behold, that's what i did. Then I Converted Them Into iPod ebooks ('cause Apparently that's Where I'm reading stuff These Days) and saved Them in my laptop. But Then, i found a problem with one of the books i got. It Was a PRC file (after i extracted it) and stuff I've Already Encountered With These kinds of files. It's horrible, Because it's there, You Have It, But You can not open it! : O waaaaaaaaah ~ it's supposed to Be for a cell phone or something (But I Do not have a working one). And dumb That I am, events Did not look in my files to make sure That when i extracted folder That There Could Be A Chance That It Might Have it in html or Something. So i left the library and jump up walking home, when i was looking around Were the PRC file WAS, feeling miserable when i Noticed That There Was an html format! So i was desperate to Have the Internet for Just a few moments, i tried hacking events Into a dumb printer, pero wings, There Was no hope for it. So that's when i Remembered That i could still make my own iPod ebook, only I'd Have to do it all manually (it Actually Took me 5 hours) Because


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