Monday, April 12, 2010

Will Testicals Hurt With A Hernia Genbu Kaiden and MORE Pokemon Fire Red

Today i was playing around with my Pokemon game. Seriously I Had no idea That Nintendo made Blue / Red remakes, and when i found this out by one of my cousins, i was very happy ~ ~ So now I'm playing the Fire Red one (and in Japanese \u0026lt;3) And i have to say it's pretty fun, just HAVING hiragana Though Sometimes confuses me. I have finally Kanji Appreciated Because of this game. Anywho, i was reading Some previews for Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden (i dunno why I'm Becoming re-obsessed with this series again) and Realised That I really NEED and want to buy the Other Two I'm missing (i believe they ' re 8-9) {Not to mention 10-11 add to my collection} Vampire Knight. For Some reason Watase has-been neglecting Genbu Kaiden Since 2009. (She Did not Make Any events for 2006, But That's Beside the Point) The point is, she's Been too busy making Another series (like the one she made Yaoi ...) That She Has not Had time to finish the books. So at least i can thank her for "waiting" up for me to catch up on her novels. Unfortunately, I'm kind of sad for Takiko, yet happy at least i hope That Uruki / Rimudo Later on ... Will not Die i do know That Takiko will die of Consumption, and that's a real shame because i kind of like her waaaaay Much Better Than the greedy Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi first series. She gets to end up with Tamahome, pero Takiko Does not end up with Uruki. : '(I Believe That the only place WHERE Both Takiko and Uruki Will Be Together Would Be in the "after life" or Something. Sad really adjuntos Are her characters all so pretty (* p *) haha whed if i was a lesbian Because of That. : O i was like "EGADS brother! You really think That I Go That Way? "But i Told him That I do not really find him (Gackt) as a girl, And That He Can guy-ish look, pero i also my brother That I Told Simply admire him . Though after That question, i Noticed In Other Live Journal accounts That a lot of girls think That guys with pretty / girly faces are found "hot" and "cute" \u0026lt;---( not my favorite word, it's waaaay Used too much in this dumb country) But I prefer manly guys ... Not the kind muscled, pero guys Who Have But Not girly pretty faces .... i dunno it Does not really matter, so long as that guy isn't TOO girly or pretty (Otherwise they'd think I'm the guy or Something '() Yes, we girls are in. d


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