Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blueprints For Making A Snowboard Rail ヤオイ ... 何故か が ぁ ~?

Have Shonen Ai Which Is Basically the same). I'm wondering, are these fans all girls or Are There Also Among men That group? Anyway, the thing That bugs me is That Usually the men on the covers look like a VERY manly man and an Extremely childish looking girly-kid (guy of course), it's kind of Giving me the impression That Those Manly Men Are pedophiles and That they're still looking for guys with childishly womanly-looking faces ... Leaving me to the conclusion That they'd take anything That girl looks like a boy OR girl They Be ....... The Other Is That issue i have people share Whenever i see manga and shonen ai or yaoi, I'm like "Egads! What lovely covers ~ ~ ~ Might Prove this and interesting read! Oh? What's this? Is this tag kidding around?! IT'S YAOI!? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Why are all pretty men gay?!"  <---- yes, i can't help judging books by their covers... bad habit but can't break it XD So yeah don't think i'm only saying "ew, yaoi books, nuh uh, i ain't readin' this!" Nope, to tell you the truth i HAVE read yaoi books, and i clearly remember the names: その指だけが知っている(Sono yubi dake ga shitteiru) ONLY THE RING FINGER KNOWS, and Loveless... plus and extremely porn Yaoi a gay friend showed me (because i asked if i could see that manga with the pretty pink cover...(-_-;) NEVER doing that seriously. That damaged my eyes forever!.) <---again judging books by their covers..... let's take a look shall we?:

 yeah these are YAOI I was also surprised that my favorite manga artist Watase Yuu also made a yaoi. Strange, because she usually makes shoujo manga.... but i absolutely positively ADORE her artwork! Even if it may be yaoi... :'( 桜狩り(Sakura Gari) :
Beautiful isn't it???

This leads me to the obvious conclusion that: Beautiful men are JERKS,
Ugly men are the kind,

and BEAUTIFUL KIND men are gay
. Boy do gay men have the luck or what? There's also more manga for yaoi fans. How............. lovely.


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