Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Dimitri from Anastasia (Though Dimitri did Have A Slightly crooked nose):

The Great Mouse Detective (i love Basil and His Name ~):

The Swan Princess (Derek ~ ~ ~ ~: O )

The Prince of Egypt (the Guy Who Makes Moses' voice in the Japanese version sounds so cool ~ Though I always much preferred Ramses XD):

Quest for Camelot (i never did UNDERSTAND the movie When It Came Out But The Were pretty amazing graphics):

Anastasia (i loved Pooka and Dimitri in That movie, Anastasia Was not That Bad Either, That shame the real Anastasia Died in 1918 with her family , though people speculated back in the 30's or Something That She Was Still Alive and That She Survived the Bolshevik shootings Because an officer Took pity on her or Something and Went Into hiding with her aunt, Henco the making of this movie):

An American Tale: Fievel Goes West (my favorite movie ever ~):

The Land Before Time (oooooooh i saw this when i was a little monster! and i only recall the names of Ducky, Little Foot and Sarah ):

I guess that's it for now, But I Do Remember That These Videos Were Not from Disney, Which Makes it all the more Appealing to me:) I need to re-watch Those or at least download Them ( Seriously)

EDIT: oh SNAP! Thsure at Was a lot of mistakes ... i need to read Before I submit!


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