Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trackman Go Kart Frame

ce we could remember, that the way the ancient Greeks and Romans saw their gods was as extraordinary human beings. They were portrayed like that because it was the only way they could understand why there were thunder storms; because Zeus was angry, or tsunamis, because Poseidon was the one in control of the unknown waters and his mood was just as unpredictable. Little things like that were ways to applicate the minds of the simple minded people back in those days, when they never would've thought about science and nature. Now, going back to the goddess Coatlique, the ancient peoples thought that women were the givers of birth (actually this is true) and they imagined a woman as the main "Goddess" but since this very being with amazing powers could NEVER be as inferior as

On Another note, i managed to get "Married by Morning" by Lisa Kleypas. It's an okay story so far, and only people who've Followed the Hathaway series so far Would Understand this one (I much preferred "Tempt me at Twilight" with Harry Rutledge as the main hero). But hey, I'm not picky, I'll read whatever I find by this author: p By the way, I Simply Adored Sherlock Holmes movie, THE BEST ONE EVER! Much Better Than waaaay silly ol 'Avatar STI with simple and Predictable storyline. Sherlock Holmes was amazing! The mystery (and i loved guessing Who WAS the evil guy and how Lord Blackwood managed to survive the hangman's noose) love it love it love it! Can not wait for the sequel, and Surely They Will not kill it,


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