Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Can You Buy Malt Extract

ves, anyone can totally tell!". So there, i got pretty angry about the lies and deception people here use to get attention. Oh and by the way, Justin Beaver or whatever his name is, won't be much longer on the screen. His popularity will drop so bad, people won't even remember his name like the Backstreet Boys, Frankie something(MUNIZ! HAH googled

it just now XD)   and UFF. Just watch. (Pop group from Venezuela)

On another completely side note, i was re-reading "The Secret Swan" for like the 10th time (seriously, it's such a beautiful book i simply can't have enough of it!) and while i was reading it, i was imagining the hero looking somewhat like Ben Barnes' portrayal of Prince Caspian (i dunno why But I LOVED it!) XD so everytime Tristan (that's the main character's name) Appeared i got all gooey eyed and happy when i imagined Mr. Bennie as him XD AWWW now i want to read That book again Just Because of That. .................. Oh, well Another Reason (totally zoned out there) is Because the setting is in the Middle Ages and so i Obviously Thought of That Then the clothes back Slightly Bennie resemblance is wearing the ones in the Narnia movie. Narnia Haha, it always Brings up an image of my really crowded closet. My siblings always say eleven Something That is put in there, No One Can Ever find it again (and quite true Actually, '(i lost some of my favorite stuff in there!)

totally LOVE him XD Especially in Dorian Grey


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