Thursday, June 3, 2010

Before After Who Is The Hottest 多喜子, hate! >: (

Stealing Takiko's man has never been harder :'( she's like, EVERYWHERE when i try to "ambush" Uruki.... and gets insanely jealous whenever i try and be nice to him. I like her better in the manga, where i know i don't stand a chance (haha i'm joking, he's just a fictional character anyway) but when i'm playing a game that requires i win someone over it's very difficult and makes me dislike this game Takiko than anyone else. Anywho, small and almost no progress as of yet, i've accidentally hit on Hikitsu, just a little, a little on Uruki as well, but not Tomite because they where stuck on a landslide and now I'M stuck with Takiko and Uruki >:( i thought it would make things easier but nooooooooo. So then i realised i'm a bad person when following instructions so i'm


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