Monday, June 28, 2010

Early Pregnancy Headaches Good Bye Solovine Ogre ...

Three or four days ago, as i was walking over to my local garbage place in my apartments, i heard Chirping Some bird near me and I Never Thought about it until i Had to return to throw a TV of mine when i just HAD to look around and see all the commotion WHERE WAS Occurring, when i meat upon the cutest little bird MOST EVER. I Was a fledgling baby finch, and I Had a gazillion little animals slowly eating him alive (or so I Thought) I Took him home and washed him with water. When that failed, i got lice-killing shampoo Some That Destroyed all of Those little animals. Did I want to eat the day so tried Entire Giving him Some drops of water with Some vitamins for birds. The next day I got Slightly Better and drank some more water But still ate A Few bits of bird food, I thougast asleep as any normal bird should sleep, with their heads on their backs and one leg tucked in. I checked on him twice because i couldn't get enough of looking at him. And a brother of mine and myself were watching Dark Knight at 3 in the morning when i suddenly heard wings flapping. I asked my brother to check on my bird and saw him in a bad condition. Seeing as the previous birds i had (the baby ones, mind you) had died the same way, i knew it wouldn't be long before he died too. It took him half an hour... and i felt horrible during those minutes, just watching and unable to do anything to help him, seeing that i had no notion of what was happening to him, and they were more than agonizing for me, knowing it could've been me that caused his untimely death.... :'( After that i have de


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