Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gums Bleeding With Veneers

What Had no idea her name was) Had twins (not sure if They Were boy and a girl or just two boys) And She Was to Have about one more kid, when to her hubby (Who for Some Reason I Thought resemblance Triton, the God of the sea) decides to drown His last child and ended up killing the twins while the selkie mother swam away with her recently born child (a boy i recall) and She Took him to shore and left him away from the sea ('member She Can Turn Into human) But Then I Do not Remember What Happened to her, i think Triton Afterward Killed Her Because Can not Live Without selkies Into the ocean going back so i guess she Knew That anyway and returned to the sea (Better sooner or later eh?). So i can not remember the rest of the details, pero i think the kid kind of raised Himself, Because He Was A superiorsr Being. And so the kid Who is now a young lad of 14 or somewhere around there, is at school. But this is a middle school and it's like a school near the shore. They Were Their learning school math and Other Subjects. Were all the students sitting in pairs Because the teacher wanted it so, and the kid got in luck Because I managed to Obtain a seat next to historical crush. The teacher WAS kind of a meanie or Something and WAS suspecting the kid as a Being from Another World (very superstitious and very correct) and so I WAS targeting the kid in all the Problems Could just so I watch him and make Deductions and to see Every brilliantness at historical subject. Next i saw a scene kid WHERE WAS sharpening the pencil historical, and There Were two bullies Who Came up to the kid and Were acting as if They Wereng meat to my lips That WAS That exact thing "Soba ni iru." It Was Such a tender dream ... i wanted to share it with my siblings But they'd Be Most Likely Would confused and make fun of me, and They Would destroy my illusion from That Dream .... so i just HAD to write it Before It Began to fade from my mind. Which I Doubt It Would anytime soon Since I liked That story .... Even Though I Never Knew What Happened to That Kid. :) I'd like to Have One of Those nostalgic dreams again.


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