Friday, June 18, 2010

Leroi Compressor W-50

I made a cell phone ringer for my dumb absolutely useless Samsung cell That Does not use voice recordings or MP3's as ring tones so it Took me AGES to finally figure out how to make an MMF ring tone using at least 3 of my favorite songs plus a silly commercial with Gackt in it! :) At first i did not pay much Attention to What I Said But Then i actually listened to it and I Realise That It Was a friggin children's rhyming song I've sung in His super awesome voice! XD

大きな 栗 の 木の下 で あなた と
"わたし" Ga-ku-to
仲良く 遊びましょ
大きな 栗 の 木の下 で ...

(Originally it's "Watashi" but Gackt Said His Name INSTEAD)

So here it's in Inglés: Under the big chestnut tree, you and "me" Gackt, go and play, under the big chestnut tree .... and That's Where I gets cut off. Better yet if i just post the video here and admire him Whenever I check my LJ:) to make my day Oh of course

the romaji right words for the rhyme: Ooki na

kuri no ki no shita of
anata to watashi
nakayoku asobimasho
ookina kuri no ki no shita of ....


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