Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Penis Throat Infection

amp;quot;what the hell?! Why did i just cure my enemy?!". I looked over at him to see what the ruckus was all about when i saw that he was using Adele who was currently in White Mage mode. I couldn't help myself and cracked up so much at his predicament. He said "i'm never using this game ever again!". Too bad so sad.

2. He normally keeps his hair nice and trimmed and i never once found fault with it. In fact, i fancied his hair cut a bit, and told him once that if i were a guy and didn't have such a round face, i'd totally trim it like his, but he thought i was bluffing and didn't say anything else about it until recently. There i was, in my own room minding my own beeswax and reading a book, when suddenly, just as he's about to leave to take the bus, he says, "My hair looks like a sodding lesbian's! Seriously, it's terribly short!" I couldn't help but laugh at that outrageous claim, and told him quite seriously, "Your hair would look lesbian if you were a girl in the first place, you dork." He still didn't heed me and said, "but my haaaaaaair looks like a lesbian's!" This time i didn't try to deny anything and REALLY looked at him. Lo and behold, i imagined him as a girl and imagined him saying that again, and it did seem like he truly had lesbian hair. I told him then after laughing to tears that maybe the lesbians used his hair-cut as a model for their own. XD
 Which also reminds me, one time my dad came


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