Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Kind Of Metal Is Palladium

), i told him that i wasn't going to keep attending karate class. He kept asking me "why??" and i wondered..... why would HE want me to remain there, when one time i accidentally kicked him in the balls and he ended up crying his little lungs out? I bet his mum was furious with me since she was there when that happened. 'Course i didn't do it on purpose, everyone just assumed that i did, but i didn't. At any rate, at least we remained on speaking terms until i got a little bit older and my shyness returned at full blast. Dang it!

Other random stuff that happened while being in that karate class; During one of our short breaks, or maybe right when the class was ending, a young girl and her grandma came in to wait for a girl in my class. And while that was happening, the grandma would unwrap some food from her bag, and hand it over to the other little girl. She would begin eating it ravenously, and it was a goddarned burrito, all nice and warm. I was STARVING by the time the class ended and i couldn't help watching this little girl eat that delicious looking burrito. I had no idea that people would notice my staring at her, until her grandma said, "What are you looking at?!". From then on i stopped watching the people in the sidelines. Stupid lady, i shall never forgive her for that.

Another thing that happened was, one time i felt really down, because i didn't eat first.... or maybe it was backwards, i ate first and then began to practise during class. When i saw my mum come in, i told her during at boy for that matter. :'(

(i think i'll throw in a pic to commemorate this event):

(i'm on the far left, exactly on the corner kneeling.)


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