Friday, November 26, 2010

Battery Powered Dirt Bike Headlight

in Armenian Internet.

So I want to throw you another link.

Meet - Lawrence Lessig

founder of Creative Commons, a law professor from Stanford and other;)

Presentation ( information and different formats ), a direct link (8.5mb)

First , presentation itself is interesting as a way to make a presentation - a very dense presentation slides, but that does not stop completely.

насвистеть любимую песенку:)))

А нет выводов. Никто не будет вас за ручку вести. Сами читайте, думайте, анализируйте:) Ну а если вы позволяете, чтоб вас вели за ручку - ну, молодцы:) туда вам и дорога:)


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