Monday, November 29, 2010

Can Rgb Scart Support 1080p

write on a piece of paper / note, we return to it. this suffering until it is needed. 3. anonymous Comments are open, if you suddenly have an account in LJ.

Here we consider only

features / functions of the system, without any restrictions nA technical and organizational part;) I still want to ask you to think, and AS &т восстановить оригинальный контент:) а по отденьности - это просто ниечго не значащие куски данных.

9. Система должна хранить старые варианты отредактированной, а также удаленную информацию. / / rubywedge

10. На самом деле "эталона" системы быть не должно, а нужно иметь что-то типа спецификации протокола обмена между нодами / /


* системы как таковой нет. есть узлы, которые друг другу НЕ доверяют. вообще:)

дальше номера теряются:)

* Да, т.е. можно ограничить размер размещаемых не-текстовых файлов несколькими сотнями килобайт. В крайнем случай, если нужно запостить видео, можно положить туда торрент файл, а не сам видеоклип. / /

Gasparian [info] CHcomplicate the ability to filter. / /

gasparian [info] (nm_work - yes, the network portion is copied with Skype:) * still have something to do with languages. such as a tree structure as noted below + show in what languages is this article, which language version of the most complete, rating may be displayed or that it is / /


CHTMLXKey system should consist of a minimum of nodes, data warehousing and узлов-просмотрщиков/редакторов / / nm_work
[info] Ratings blocks of information / credibility * By the way, the issue of content regulation raises a sharp, if a wiki can be easily removed illegal content, then there torment until izvedesh. well, about the same story as with the torrents. / /

COtuk will give the whole picture, but not so clearly and with accuracy in color. You can use this principle to create a sustainable system to spam, and hackers, censorship, etc. Distribute all the information on users. / / [info] chilingarov_c

[info] * And why not sell the information storage on the principle of wavelet-s for storing pictures?? Th that are visible and different language versions / /

[info] vookee * can be stored and edited articles will be suspended anywhere, but the site (one of the sites of the system) will display the final result, they do not need separate prog to view the article in mind will be the usual site just are not on a server. / /

* Yes, I am soe on the fly collects and assigns ratings of confidence for different pieces of itself does not store anything:)

seems to me more natural kind of information - not a hierarchy of text, and a hierarchy of importance of the facts. / / Nm_work [info]

alternative display of information.
[info] can all be presenting information at all to be in a different style (I spend analogy with htt


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