Sunday, November 7, 2010

Denisemil Aniwallpaper

Yes that's right!!!! I managed to get ahold of this book yesterday! :) I was looking in case they might have another volume i was missing, and it was either that or buy 10 and 12 of Vampire Knight (they didn't have 11 damn it) so i thought better that i should get more of Watase's books!!!! :) 
 And it was very much worth the price. At least 40 pages of coloured images from all 4 of the Celestial Gods, including profiles of the warriors in Suzaku, Genbu, Biyakko, and Seiryu. I especially adored the ones with Tatara and Suzuno:

It also came with Namame's diary... i especially liked this one! Where Rimudo is telling him to stop taking baths with Takiko, and when he looks at Hagaasu and pictures wearing Himself That Thing I have in His forehead!

XD Also the profiles of Hotohori and Tamahome (as well as the rest of the Suzaku and Seiryu warriors)

except i do not like the ones from Seiryu Suzaku or That Much ... i dunno why, But her art wasn't THE best thing Back then, and i can not help but compare the old ones to the new ones. I think That if she remade the whole Fushigi Yuugi with her style of drawing, i would Certainly buy her books (from That was) But as it is, she's too busy working with two series at the moment to Even Think About Doing That, and she has Promised us the story as well !!!!!!! Biyakko I Can not Wait!


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