Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Song That Goes Pa Pa Pa My dislike for Bikes

Hmmmm, boy do i get angry when my father starts talking to me about his bike adventures with His chums. It Annoys me to no end That I would rather go with Them Than with me. I Asked him one day if He Was Busy That Day I Did not Have anything planned. I said no, and I Asked him if he'd like to go with me on a bike ride. He Kept quiet for a bit, and I Waited for him to answer me and He Said, "sorry, But Not today, i do not feel up to snuff to go today. Maybe Some Other Day Perhaps? ". Assumed That He Naturally i want some rest time Because He Was working so hard the day before and i did not bother him at all, Even Though i was over my wits with Being cooped up in the Same place for too long and wanted to get out for a bit. It turns out That Day That I Had PlannedWith His chums from work, and They Decided to go around 5 pm. I WAS out the door and when i Realised That Was So Angry That He lied to me about it, yet sad That I Did not wish to spend the day with me. I preferred historical chums than me. After Longer That I do not wish to speak with him about his bike trips at all. He knows it and i hope for That He Feels guilty.


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